Greens Link Toys, Barbie and Domestic Violence


Those lovable Greens have taken another swipe at children’s toys, instigating a senate inquiry to look into the link between Barbies, toys and domestic violence.

Greens spokeswoman for women Larissa Waters said the inquiry would not seek to ban certain toys but examine how they were marketed to boys and girls, rather “It’s about children being free to play with whatever toys interest them,” she said.

“[Gender inequality] shapes and reinforces stereotypes about what men and women can and can’t do in the workplace, at home and in the community … worst of all, [it] creates disrespectful relationships and cultural conditions in which violence festers.”

It appears 4938059817_827d1e0ab4_barbiethat Barbie hasn’t received the memo about these rigid gender stereotypes, telling her what she can and can’t do. What’s more, if Barbie was a real person, she’d be the most successful person in history. Her careers have included:

President of the United States
Ambassador for World Peace
Football Coach
Computer Engineer
Yoga Instructor
Olympic Gymnast
Business Executive
Cat Burglar
Street Rapper
Just to name a few…
The only thing that is missing is the Barbie Virgin Mary doll!

No, the Greens are just offended that gender differences do in fact exist. And they will do whatever that can to engineer androgyny and bland sameness between the sexes, beginning with how children are raised.

Photo by Freddycat1

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