Watch out USA, Kim Jong-un is coming to get you!


The reclusive and despotic regime in North Korea have over the last few days celebrated the 70th anniversary of its ruling Workers’ Party.

The celebrations were especially marked with a grand military parade with the usual thousands of choreographed, doe-eyed fans and on-lookers.

During the celebrations, baby faced Kim took the opportunity to shake his fist at the United State in typical petulant adolescent fashion:

“Our party dauntlessly declares that our revolutionary armed forces are capable of fighting any kind of war provoked by the US and we are ready to protect our people and the blue sky of our motherland,” he said.


Despite the regular stream of amusement from North Korea and the Kim dynasty, the Communist nation does have the power to do some damage considerable. The US-based Institute for Science and International Security estimated that North Korea had from 10 and 16 nuclear weapons as of the end of 2014. Whether they are able to accurately deploy a nuclear warhead remains unknown at this stage.

Still, I can help being reminded of this clip from the film ‘Team America: World Police:’

Kim, don’t let yourself feel too lonely. Don’t forget, you’ve always got Dennis Rodman.