Ted Cruz grills Climate Change True Believer


Texas Senator and potential President of the free world, Ted Cruz, is responsible for nine of the most beautiful minutes you will ever see on Youtube.

Global Warming alarmists and Climate Change true believers often argue that those who wish to debate the issue are scant on facts and evidence.  Yet here we see an expert head of a high profile environmental organisation, the Sierra Club, under intense cross examination by Ted Cruz, refuse to engage with neither fact nor evidence, and instead parrot repeatedly the false statistic, based on a bogus study, that 97% of scientists support the ‘consensus’ view on Global Warming.

The most delicious moment comes when Ted Cruz asks, with just a hint of a twinkle in his eye, if Aaron Mair has heard of the term “the pause.”  This is accompanied by a very long, awkward…. pause, as Mair consults his staff.

One almost feels sorry for him… no, not really.