Israel under siege (yet again)


I apologise, the title of this story is rather misleading. Israel isn’t under siege again, Israel is perpetually under siege. The siege on Israel is like a disease that is always there, but flairs up sooner rather than later.

Over the last few days, several people have been been murdered in Jerusalem, and Israeli forced have understandably clamped down on security. Palestinian leaders have r1024px-Jerusalem_from_mt_olivesesponded to this with their usual violent anti-Semitic rhetoric, and one Imam was recorded waving around a knife while encouraging his congregation to find a Jew to stick their knives into. Like clockwork, the rock throwers have come to the fore.

Unfortunately, many in the West are unaware of the threats against the mere existence of the state of Israel. There is hope that concessions to Palestinians, particularly ‘two state solution’ will bring about the end of violence and conflict, and will satisfy the wants, and purported rights of Arabs and Palestinians.

Sadly, such a hope is illusory.

There has already been a ‘two state solution’, namely the granting of an Arab-Palestinian state in the establishment of Transjordan in 1946. Do we serious think that any future two state solution will work any better than the last and bring about lasting peace?


The problem is the existence of Israel. The mere existence of Israel is an affront to the Arab-Islamic world, and while it continues to exist it will be harassed. Is this acceptable for a supposedly civilised world?

If we are to have a serious discussion about lasting peace in Israel and the Middle East, this fact needs to be brought to light. And Israel’s right to exist without constant threats and harassment must be affirmed by the international community.