Finding your “safe-space”


Do you have a space which is full of rainbows, and where everyone likes you and thinks you’re great?

Do you have a space where people always say nice things to you, and if someone did say something mean, you wouldn’t hear it?

Do you have a space where people people don’t judge you and haters can’t hate?

Do you have a room with “bully proof windows” and a “troll safe door?” Where there is nothing but kindness, and no guilt or shame?

Do you have a place where the cold harshness of reality is not allowed?

If you do, you may have what is known at most western universities, and supposed places of rigorous and rational learning as a “safe space.”

If you haven’t yet found your safe space, this clip from one of the latest episodes of South Park may be able to help you out:

It’s the XYZ.