Church Crimes


imageFor a Christian church newspaper, the (Anglican) Church Times might be expected to be very concerned about religiously motivated hate crimes. And it is. Hate crimes against Muslims that is.

Whereas the Christian believer in Syria is in peril of being beheaded by Islamic fanatics on account of their faith, the Church Times is very worried that Muslims in Britain have been called some nasty things, and, in one especially shocking incident, had alcohol poured over them on a train. Apparently no one has been beheaded, burned alive, stoned to death, or publicly flogged – but who’s counting?

Instead of encouraging the already rampant victim culture among Muslims living in western nations, wherein no one has been killed, insofar as we are aware, by Christian fanatics blowing up planes, trains, or buildings; perhaps the Church Times might turn its attention to the actual victims of real hate crimes – its Christian brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq, who are subject everyday to the genuinely Satanic savagery of ISIS.