Puppet on a String

Bull Shorten. (Credit to Ryan Fletcher.)

Football finals would be a ‘wonderful time’ for a train and tram strike. So says Union puppet master John Setka.

What a happy occasion it was last week in Melbourne for Luba Grigorovitch of the transport union, as she posed with her hero Setka, after his speech threatening transport chaos at the front of Trades Hall, both smiling for the cameras whilst workers trying to earn a decent day’s pay were left stranded, and business owners just breaking even lost a day’s takings. So proud were they both of their victory for the.. err union leaders. Why, Luba might even make it on to the ALP Senate ticket the way she is going. Just one more meaningless strike and the associated publicity might just do it. Sure puts bread on the table for the… err union leaders. Never mind, there might be something in it for the ordinary workers too, one day.

Does Bill Shorten has anything to say about all of this? He will have, we are told, as soon as the CFMEU tell him what he has to say about it.