PJTV Video: Critical Theory, and what to do about it.


Here is an important video, via the brilliant PJTV, which gets to the heart of the Culture War, not to mention who started it.

It briefly summarises Critical Theory – devised by the Frankfurt School of philosophers after World War One, in response to the unforeseen difficulty placed before those who believed that socialism was inevitable – the expected socialist revolutions did not occur in Industrialised nations. Thus Critical Theory, also known as Cultural Marxism; the idea that critiquing the foundations of Western Civilisation with the intent to destroy it can help lay the path toward socialism; the idea of a slow-burning revolution via the long march through the institutions; was launched.

Critical Theory was propagated into the United States, namely at Columbia University, when the Frankfurt School philosophers were forced to flee Hitler’s Nazi Germany. One might opine that it is not unusual for Western democracies to import ideologies bent on their destruction..

A solution is offered as how to rid ourselves of Critical Theory’s stifling effects – starve the critical theorists of funds and attention, and stop going to university.

Dare we go Galt on Critical Theory?