Jeremy Corbyn on why  9/11 was ‘manipulated’ and the present whereabouts of the ark of covenant


British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has claimed the 9/11 attacks on New York were ‘manipulated’ by George Bush and Tony Blair as a pretext for regime change in Afghanistan and war in Iraq. In comments that will continue to enhance the prospects of the Conservatives forming government well into the 22nd century, Corbyn also hinted at a “new world order.” This is, apparently, a political phenomenon, not an experimental new wave band of the late 1980s; and may well be familiar to Australians as being once famously espoused by the media’s favourite Greenie, Bob Brown, who thought the one world government might have its headquarters in Hobart. Realism never was Bob’s strong point, but we digress…

Mr Corbyn’s enthusiasm for conspiracy theories will be music to the ears of already deranged hate preachers, many of whom are enduring the insufferable hell of life on benefits in council houses as they await the one world government of their preference. Whilst the great man is in the mood, perhaps he might also enlighten the proletariat as to some of the other big unanswered questions of our times, that so vex us today. Such as the mystique surrounding the circumstances of the birth of his American equivalent, or the contents of Hillary Clinton’s email server. Perhaps Mr Corbyn could reveal where the ark of the covenant is stored, and what the outcomes of that alien autopsy in Roswell were. Would it be too much trouble for him to point the press in the direction of that studio in Arizona where the moon landing was filmed; and might he also then provide the world’s media with the present whereabouts of the son of Adolf Hitler, who, of course, lived out his days in an obscure suburb of Asuncion?

Source: Jeremy Corbyn: 9/11 was ‘manipulated’ – Telegraph