Bill Whittle video: Commemorating the Doolittle raiders


Bill Whittle, in his regular Afterburner series for PJTV, speaks as eloquently as ever, in homage to the great men who risked their lives, and some of whom who gave their lives, to attack Japan in the Doolittle raid of April 18, 1942.

He makes the compelling argument that their bravery turned the course of the war in the Pacific, because the rage and shame brought to the Japanese by the attack caused them to send out, unwisely, the bulk of their fleet to punish the Americans. As a result, the Japanese lost four aircraft carriers soon after at the Battle of Midway.

He also makes the compelling point that our understanding of history has changed, to the point where many young people do not revere the heroics of the Golden Generation who saved us, as we used to be in the past.

I would add that we are entering a dangerous period, where the interpretations and conclusions about both World Wars are being revised, a moral relativism is infecting our understanding of the wars, and we risk making the same mistakes all over again as a result.

PS, anybody who brings up conspiracy theories regarding US forewarning about the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbour through 1941, or on Japanese overtures for peace in 1945, while I welcome your opinion, you will be mercilessly ad hommed.