ABC bias: Smears Hungary as “hateful” for protecting its borders


The ABC is at it again, showing is blatant leftist bias as it smears the nation of Hungary today in its reporting of the Syrian migrant crisis.

You know wheRefugees cross into Hungary underneath the Hungary–Serbia border fence, 25 August 2015n the ABC and other news organisations state things like “right-wing government”, it is really just short hand for “a government we don’t like”, regardless of political persuasion. I once saw a report from either the Guardian or the ABC that described the government of Burma as “far-right”, which is funny considering their dogma is based on socialism, and socialist is what the junta has been calling itself for decades.

No, this statement from the ABC today is nothing more than a vindictive jibe, and an attempt to slander Hungary, simply because its government wants to protect its borders and have an orderly intake of migrants.

Like clockwork, the ABC tells us that Hungary’s brazen steps to defend its borders has been condemned by human rights groups, and then the ABC happens to find a couple of Hungarian citizens who label the steps taken by their nation as a “hate campaign”.

The ABC talked to a man by the name of “Andres” who stated:

“They could have made a campaign that makes people more tolerant. Instead of this they made a hate campaign so people can hate more.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if the conversation with “Andres” occurred only in the imagination of the ABC journalist.

ABC, from where I sit, the only hate campaign evident from this article is coming from you. The hatred of the West, and the denial of the basic rights European nations to ask migrants to knock on the front door instead of kicking it in is palpable.

Cut your campaign of hate and anti-Western propaganda.