Wally of the Week: Tony Burke


The self righteous pursuer of now former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, Labor MP Tony Burke, is our Wally of the Week, named after Everybody’s Favourite Muslim Apologist (TM) Waleed Aly.

imageTony was putting on the po-faced outrage for the cameras each morning, and ramping up the hysterical rhetoric for his publicity agents over at the ABC and Fairfax, on excessive entitlements until Bronnie finally fell on her sword. Now it has been revealed he was taking taxpayer funded trips on “official business” when environment minister to Uluru, during school holidays, with his family in tow, flying them all business class mind you.

imageIn recent days he has graciously repaid a $94 Comcar fee he had claimed to see a Robbie Williams concert, while refusing to give ground on $50 000 spent in his first six weeks as Arts Minister between March 26 and May 8, 2013.  Given the $20 000 bar tab at one of these shindigs, all the XYZ can say is that we wish we could have been there.

No cattle class for this champion of the proletariat. What a burk!