Happy 50th birthday, Singapore


Singapore is preparing to kick off its Golden Jubilee weekend with carnivals, concerts and celebrations, marking its 50th Anniversary as a nation.

It is incredible to think that Singapore emerged from the events following the Second World War, little more than an island nation comprising fields of rice paddies in South East Asia.

Aerial_view_of_the_Civic_District,_Singapore_River_and_Central_Business_District,_Singapore_-_20080518But in less than 50 years, this small backwater nation has become one of the richest in the world. Singapore emerged as a port and trading centre, and quickly developed a strong manufacturing industry. Combining its know-how in trade and industry, Singapore since the 1980s has become a major global centre for finance.

Presently: “At least 1 in 6 households belong to millionaires, unemployment is hovering around two per cent and almost every Singaporean owns their home.”

It sounds like Singapore has hit the jackpot.

Singapore’s successful development has been widely credited to its first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away in March this year. Mr Lee, who served the nation as prime minister for three decades, set out to get the fundamentals of development right – namely political and economic stability. During his time in leadership, Lee weeded out corruption and presided over the rapid rise of the nation’s GDP, cementing Singapore’s place in the global economy.

Congratulations Singapore, and happy 50th birthday!

You stand as a shining example of what can be achieve with an attitude of enterprise and determination.