Rule Britannia 



imageThe Queen is poised to become the longest serving British monarch in history, and here in the colonies we’re all just blissfully blase about that. But it’s not all good news for the Republicans and assorted malcontents among us. We’re all just blissfully blase about the Republic too. It’s been tried on and failed, it’s come and gone, next? Move on fellas.

Apart from the lack of desire to tamper with, let alone affect major changes to, a political system that just isn’t broken, the uncomfortable reality for the few remaining Republicans is that the Queen has never been more popular here in terra Australis. Her last visit a few years ago drew crowds not seen since the 1950’s, when she was young and new on the throne, and the world a very different place. And the next generation (passing over the unfortunate Charles and his second bride) are even more photogenic and easy to like.

The Republic of Australia as a political concept is about as dead as Medicare Gold, Workchoices, the White Australia policy, and military conscription, all rolled into one. And for good reason. We don’t need it, and we don’t want it.

Source: Monarchy is staying, so just get over it | Herald Sun

Photo by Kvasir79