NBN – Getting the Job Done?


I had a good discussion the other day about whether privitisation is bad, and about the merits of government operated services.

Off course, NBN was begging to be discussed, so here goes:

FibreopticThe Government run services are essentially synonymous with laziness, ineptitude, inefficiencies, stagnation, wastefulness and sub standard outcomes.

Honestly, private enterprise could probably provide a NBN for $1 billion, within two years. The NBN should top out around $100 billion and finish in another ten years.

It is a fantastic waste of money and case in point for WHY we do not see Government banging out leading innovations, such as smart phones, cutting edge submarines etc etc.

Sure, NASA has done some great stuff, but this was open cheque book stuff, and grew more bloated and inefficient as time went on.

That is, until they sub-contracted to private industry who now resupply the ISS at a fraction of previous mission costs.

I have done government work as a temp before, famously being told, do NOT work too hard, you will make us loook bad. Hohoho. I slept in the corner on sunny afternoons and watched the worker zombies shuffle in their plump safety. Innovators these were not.

I digress. If you ask me, government should provide essential services that are not commercially viable. And when they become viable, step aside. You just might find, cheaper costs and better service.

As for the NBN, its a special case. The main argument for, is that we have an ageing copper telecoms network which needs to be replaced. And a government remit to private telecoms to premises all over the country. Off course, private industry would simply renew the cables in high density areas, and go with a wireless solution (satellite, mobile towers etc) for the rest.

Big government – big bills, big waste. If you like it, join a union and vote Watermelon.