Hard yakka


A $21 billion coal mine in central Queensland, that would have generated significant export wealth and created thousands of jobs, is shut down by… a Yakka Skink. No, I’ve never heard of it either. A quick check of the Department of Environment website advises:800px-CSIRO_ScienceImage_2878_Blasting_in_an_open_cut_mine

“The yakka skink is an extremely secretive species, hiding under rocks, in hollow logs or ground vegetation, or in burrow systems. Its presence is often indicated by a pile of droppings near shelter sites.”

So the presence of a pile of lizard shit somewhere near the site has shut down this huge investment, and will be barrier to some of the world’s poor accessing their basic energy needs.

Will the Green madness ever end?

Blocking Adani coal mine approval ‘dangerous’ for Australia, ‘tragic’ for world: Tony Abbott