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The Canberra press gallery went into mourning last night, as news broke that the Liberal Party would keep its pre-election commitment and not allow a conscience vote on “marriage equality” in the current term of parliament. As news spread to the Canberra press gallery, despair set in. The corporate weeping coming from the ABC bunker soon turned to something akin to a herd of elephants in deep distress, whilst paramedics were called to the Fairfax offices when one “journalist” (activist?) was so overcome that s/he (The Age and SMH are proudly gender neutral environments) went into cardiac arrest and had to be revived.

Really you ask? No, not quite, but close. Strangely, there was no such reaction when a Labour government, only two or so years ago, led by an atheist Prime Minister and including front-bencher Penny Wong, decided not to force a vote on the issue either, despite having the numbers to pass the measure if they really wanted to.

imageThe current government has had the outrageous audacity to ask the people to decide the matter by plebiscite. WTF you cry! And rightly so – what has democracy become!

Memo to the Canberra press gallery. Grow up and maybe enroll for that resilience training offered by the taxpayer funded life coach.