Free to protest – except if you’re Christian or on the wrong side of politics


This item caught my attention as I was scanning the news today:

Sex Party MP Fiona Patten seeks to establish new laws in Victoria that would esUniversity_of_Toronto_pro-life_protest_2tablish a 150 metre ‘safe access zone’ around abortion clinics in order to keep protesters away from clients. The bill proposes fines, and even jail time for repeat offenders (to our international readers, yes, we really do have a political party in Australia called the ‘Sex Party).

The ABC reported that Ms Patten said: “There are these types of behaviour going across Victoria, across Australia, and it’s time for it to stop.”

The Sex Party MP’s statement was followed up by comments by Dr Susie Allanson from East Melbourne Fertility Control Clinic who equated the behavior of protesters with harassment:

“[The protester’s] behaviour can be quite like stalking, so they will walk behind someone in their space, they will go up to the car and make it difficult for them to get out of their car.”

Dr Allanson’s description of the behavior of pro-life protesters sounds very much like that of the leftist demonstrators who shut down Melbourne’s Flinders Street on Friday because of a poorly worded media statement from Australia’s Border Force, or in fact any occasion that a Liberal Party MP happens to (try to) visit an Australian university.

Perhaps Ms Patten could add to her bill a 150 metre ‘safe access zone’ to enable non-leftist visitors to access universities without being verbally harassed and having their safety threatened by foaming at the mouth protesters.

Clearly, one man’s ‘protesting’ is another man’s ‘harassment’.

Well, that is if your happen to be a Christian, or to be on the wrong side of politics.

It’s the XYZ.