First World Problems, exhibit A: “I never know how a man is going to react to my past – and my genitalia”


Reading The Guardian causes one to marvel at how out of touch and behind the times one has become. Today’s gem of this nature, in the “oh so up to da469px-Ida_Lupino_Howard_Duff_Mr._Adams_and_Eve_1958te and earnestly grown up” pages of said publication, appears under the intriguing heading “I never know how a man is going to react to my past – and my genitalia.” Not a dilemma, I must say, I have ever known in life.

Whereas young people on a first date once agonised over a fleeting kiss at the door before saying goodnight, according to The Guardian, love and relationships are much more complicated these days. So confused, in fact, is the romantic landscape out there, one cannot even be sure one’s date has genitals matching their apparent gender. This is, seemingly, something so commonplace it ought to be established on the first date, lest one’s partner feel somewhat let down by the absence of a body part s/he were hoping for.

As helpfully noted in the article, the satisfaction factor for the potential partner may be somewhat dependent on one’s status vis a vis surgery, and whether the genitalia concerned are in the pre-op, mid-op or post-op stage. This can have a rather large and important bearing on the success, or otherwise, of the foreplay.

Point taken. But does anyone else miss that rather more simple time when boys were in fact boys, and girls were actually girls?

Source: I never know how a man is going to react to my past – and my genitalia | Zoe Dolan