Coles under further pressure for selling offensive magazines



imageA draft petition to Coles – re. sale of offensive literature, please consider joining my campaign and signing

I’m outraged and offended that Coles continue to display and sell Bride magazine. As a middle aged heterosexual man I will never be a bride, even if gay marriage is introduced. I experience feelings of heightened anxiety whenever I approach the check out at Coles, knowing that Bride magazine may well be on display, right in my face as it were. It always seems to be prominent on the magazine rack, reminding me of that which I will never attain. I go home feeling violated and ashamed. On one occasion I sat down in front my television after an especially traumatic experience in the self check out aisle, whereby a young lady in front of me was actually reading Bride magazine, and loudly discussing the front page article with one of the Coles staff members, in a way that seemed to be directed at me. I collapsed onto my sofa at home and turned on the television to find myself watching ‘Married at First Sight.’ My sense of powerlessness was overwhelming, as though all my dignity as a human being was being stripped away, and my rights were of no consequence or importance. Shame on you Coles. Remove Bride magazine from sale now!

Source: Zoo Weekly taken off Coles shelves