XYZ Viewer Poll: What crazy $&!? will Q&A pull tonight?


After flirting with Islamic State sympathiser Zaky Mallah, and then resorting to giving air time to a pre-pubescent child, readers are invited to nominate who will provide the ‘gotcha’ moment on tonight’s Q&A.  Or, in the absence of a present day (as opposed to long retired) Coalition politician being actually present for said gotcha moment, who might be enlisted by the ABC producers to say how ‘scared’ the Prime Minister makes them, and how dreadfully difficult it is to live in the Australia of the early 21st Century, not knowing when, or with what savagery, the budget of their ABC might be arbitarily cut…

imageNever mind world hunger, the conflict in Palestine, or the ebola virus, we’re taking about cuts to their ABC!

But we digress. Who will provide tonight’s moment to remember – apart from the grammar and logic challenged Jacqui Lambie, who will surely have some wonderful moments to shine, even if no one present, or watching, has any idea what the $#&% she is talking about? Will it be:

(a) Uthman Badar, on why honour killings are not so much of a danger at all, really,

(b) The unborn foetus of Kim Kardashian, too scared to enter a world in which Tony Abbot is PM,

(c) Lord Voldemort – he’s back, and prepared to be on next week’s panel… so long as there are no muggles in the audience,

(d) Lawrence Krauss, because the ABC are only too keen to get him, as long as he wants to slag off at the Christian and Jewish (only) faiths,

(e) Dr Anne Aly, who sees something “nice” about ISIS, but can’t find much at all to say that would be “nice” about Mr Abbott.

Your pick!