‘Reclaim Australia’ rally 18 July



Photo report: ‘Reclaim Australia’ Rally, 18 July 2015


Hundreds of police are out in force, and have set up lines to separate ‘Reclaim’ and counter-protesters.





Danny Nalliah from ‘Rise UP Australia’, and of ‘Catch the Fire Ministries’ fame said:
“we are not white Australia, we are Australia.”


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Blair Cottrell, one of the leaders of UPF delivers an animated speech.


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“Stop Islam-Fascism”


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The UPF crowd outside Parliament House

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Some ordinary Australians expressing their views on radical Islam and Sharia law.

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Masked counter-protesters.

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The counter protest.


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A scuffle erupts between UPF members an the ‘neo-nazi’ who famously emblazoned the front pages of newspapers following the previous rally.

The police eject him from the area.

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