Greece vote No to reason, Yes to Socialist self destruction


Like a former champion fronting up at Wimbledon for another ill-fated campaign, Greece showed some vintage form as it delivered the latest scene of the now-showing Greek tragedy. Lets give it a name: “My big fat Greek socialist implosion”.

imageWhat is fascinatingly compelling about this ongoing tragedy-farce, is the ideological determination of the Greeks to antagonize creditors, undo previous progress, lie, cheat, make confusing referendums in order to blame the people when it all turns into a mess that will make the situation 12 months ago look, well, decidedly first world.

Most viewers from the sidelines can see Greece steering itself toward the iceberg full steam ahead. The mighty SS Socialist-Welfare is the happiest ship and will never be defeated. Hoho. Zorba, fire up the music.

Or, to stay true to the classics, the Greeks just vowed to tear out the eyes of whoever is responsible for their imploding economy, upcoming default, and junk bond status in debt markets. We yell from the audience, it’s your own fault you tax avoiding early retiring corrupt socialist welfare fools.

Well, at least there was one benefit to reading the Greek tragedies as part of a white privilege education: One would learn from the folly and unwitting delusion of the characters in the narrative, and hopefully develop enough self awareness and self preservation to avoid finding oneself in the same situation.

Unfortunately, I believe that those of the Green-Socialist-Unionist-Watermelon ilk will be celebrating on the deck of the SS Socialist-Welfare tonight, and scheming for former lighthouses like the ABC to lure others into perilous waters of various kinds.