Greece: From tragedy to absurdity


Over the last few days, the Greek financial tragedy400px-Teatro.svg has become absurd.

Over the last few days, the Greek government has passed the EU deadline to strike a deal, and the nation has now defaulted on its loan payments.

The arrogant and obstinate socialist government has crippled the Greek economy which this year, was starting to return to growth. Banks are only allowing the withdrawal of 60 Euros a day (if at all), and some businesses are now paying their staff with food rather than money. News papers are running out of paper for print, and the country risks exhausting its supply of food and medicine.

Of course, the socialist government it already hot on blaming the EU for all its woes. It seems that everyone is to blame – from the EU, to creditors and indeed capitalism itself, with the lone exception being themselves.

Let’s be honest, Greece has been playing the EU for a fool for years. German workers have been subsidizing Greece’s poor productivity, and have been working on later in life to pay for Greece’s early retirement pensions. The recent actions by the Greek government are just more of the same.

The EU has been bending over backwards to strike a deal and resolve this Greek debt mess. It does not want the Greek economy to fail, which would put the whole EU at risk. The EU is putting every effort to bail our Greece, and to help them to restructure their economy (which is long overdue) address the corruption which is rife, and assist the nation to return to growth.

Unfortunately, the Greek government refuses to take the medicine, and to be accountable for its decisions.

If Greek political leaders continue at their games, they place the whole EU at serious risk. But what they don’t seem to realise, is that they also risk a complete collapse of the Greek economy and nation, and the potential for Greece to find itself numbered in the esteemed company of failed states.