Stop wasting our taxes! Defund the ABC – sign the petition


Enough is enough!

The ABC has persistently failed in its statutory duties to be: “Impartial“,
present a “diversity of perspectives,” and “equip audiences to make up their own minds.”ewqmQofvpEnJkCm-800x450-noPad

The ABC continually produces biased content on a range of issues, most recently providing convicted criminal Zaky Mallah with a platform on Q&A.

The ABC continues to ignore the views of Australians and its time to stand up and say Not With MY Taxes.

The ABC costs tax-payers over one billion dollars every single year.

This is a massive tax burden, and means that other more deserving projects are not being funded. Our $1,000,000,000 could be better spent in a variety of projects across Health, Education or Infrastructure; alternative public broadcasting; paying down our national debt; or saved in taxes entirely, leaving families with $1 Billion extra in their pockets annually.

The ABC has been blatantly partial for many years, and a Government Inquiry will NOT cut it. It is time to Defund the ABC. Set it free to present it’s own brand of content in a genuine market-place of ideas, and put our taxes to better use!

Sign the petition here.