Greens: We love the ABC (Because Aunty gives us lollies & treats)


lolliesThe Australian Greens have today launched a campaign: “Hands off Aunty: We Love the ABC.”

Why do the Greens seem to be so afraid of the ABC being made accountable to the Australian public and tax payers? Because as everyone knows, Aunty gives the Greens lollies and treats when she thinks no one else is looking.

The Greens are clearly upset, protesting:

“Despite the ABC already announcing that it would conduct its own internal review of allowing Zaky Mallah on Q&A , the Abbott Government have launched their own review, a petition against the public broadcaster and boycotted the program.”

Now, of course a couple of members declining to participate in Q&A does not constitute a ‘boycott’, despite the Greens’ usual hysterics. And surely, anyone with a sense of balance and objectivity would not regard the ABC’s own ‘internal review’ to be sufficient. It is absolutely appropriate for the Federal Government to launch its own review into the national broadcaster, which continues to cross the line. While a Royal Commission into the ABC might be overkill, the deeply entrenched bias and irresponsible decisions that continue to be made by the ABC need to be publicly exposed.

The strong and polarised response from the ABC providing convicted criminal Zaky Mallah a platform to spit his bile is revealing: The ALP and the Coalition to a greater or lesser extent believe that that the national broadcaster’s behaviour was inappropriate and requires further investigation. Whilst the Greens are trying to tell us that everything is hunky dory with the ABC and that Aunty is being maliciously persecuted.

On the $1 billion question, ‘is the ABC biased?’ The Greens campaign is a dead give away.