Falling out of love with Professor Tim Hunt


Is there something wrong with this world when one of our most gifted scientists is forced to resign from his work – work that could significantly benefit humanity – because he said something stupid and offensive?

Nobel laureate Tim Hunt is the next in a long list of scalps because he opened his mouth and said something stupid or contrary to politically correct orthodoxy.800px-Tim_Hunt_at_UCSF_05_2009_(4)

According to ‘the Guardian’: Tim Hunt has previously admitted his reputation for being a ‘chauvinist’. Furthermore, at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul on 9 June, he said: “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls… three things happen when they are in the lab… You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry.”

Like most scientists, I’ve never known medical specialists to be the most gifted in interpersonal relationships and social etiquette. But then again, that’s not what they specialise in, is it?

Of course, Professor Hunt’s immediate apology was not enough to hold back pressure that he fall on his sword.

The world is now worse off because one of its most gifted scientists cannot continue in his work, and how sad, that through trial by media, his offensive remarks carry more weight than his contributions to society in the field of biochemistry and cancer research.