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Food for Thought – Latham Laid Off By Fabian Fluffer Frangopoulos

Mark Latham, a leading contrarian to the pervasive plague of political correctness in Australia, has been sacked from his job at Sky News Australia...

A Ryan Rant – Episode 29

The nucleus of the White nuclear family is today under threat by rabid regressive cuckold communists who are fluent in feminist nihilism. Characterising the propagation...

Feminism = Mental Illness

With feminism haemorrhaging appeal globally (apart from cringe-worthy cadres like these), it’s important to remind folk why this ideology is so carcinogenic. Exhibit A… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iSEpklkVT0&feature=youtu.be

Breaking: Microaggressions Contradiction Explodes Feminist Heads

In breaking news, first responders have described 'a scene of unimaginable horror' in a small room at a university campus in the north east...