A Ryan Rant – Episode 117 – If Paranoia Is Heroin, Humour Is Naloxone


An operative rule expressed by veteran political consultant Roger Stone is that “hate is a stronger motivator than love”. Hence why a common denominator amongst the diverse field of political fighters is the elemental esoteric force of “muh paranoia”.

For those of us who dedicate our free time to the art of psychopolitics and its foundational literary truth in forming antibodies to enemies, propagating public domain pontifications from certain Peace Prize parasitic elites, is alleviated only by pandemic parodying as we’re locked out of our pub-based politicking so we can shitpost from the safety of our gamer-tier self-isolation.

With workers in the crosshairs of current year containment and daily reports reinforcing narratives of top down erosion of rights and liberties, to which some express dismay they don’t have greater ability to erode set rights and liberties, it’s not inconceivable that the concept of quarantine is being conflated with martial law.

However having worked in Aged Care for roughly 8 years or more now and seeing my fair share of quarantine and isolation procedures, I frankly would love nothing more than to be compelled to spend more time at home to work on my creative past-times and affinity for gardening.

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