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Editor: This article was published on 24 June 2024 at Pushing Rubber Downhill. In the fortnight since, Viganò was as expected excommunicated from the Catholic Church. This development makes Adam’s brief summary of the sedevacantist position even more relevant.

Far from being yet another chapter in the clown show that is the modern Catholic Church, it could prove a pivotal moment on the road to renewal. Moreover, it could well decide the fate of millions of souls.

There is much discussion on the Archbp. Viganò topic that is doing the rounds. Viganò was summoned to appear before the Vatican Council on June 20 to answer a charge of schism, a request for appearance of which he declined to attend. Before that date he released his own thoughts on the matter.

Viganò has not yet gone full sedevacantist, but he is close:

Everything that Bergoglio does constitutes an offense and a provocation to the entire Catholic Church, to her Saints of all times, to the Martyrs who were killed in odium Fidei, and to the Popes of all times until the Second Vatican Council.

In other words, no pope after 1958 was a valid one. Shout out to Ann Barnhardt.

But Viganò is not there yet. And I don’t believe that he will not become a sedevacantist. That is not his purpose. Many sedevacantists that I know are disdainful of Viganò  because of his past acceptance of Vatican II; in fact, his entire clerical career up until 2018 depended upon that. But I do not dismiss Viganò on those grounds. If I were to do that then I should also dismiss the apostle Paul, who actively persecuted Christians until his meeting with Christ on the road to Damascus. And if Paul then many others also over the vast pages of human history.

As Viganò states in his letter, he knows that he will soon have to give an account for his actions to God. And nobody with half a brain cell to rub together wants to find himself standing before Jesus Christ and hearing our Lord state, ‘I never knew you’.

As sedevacantists, it behoove us in this situation to consider our position. We have not split apart from the Catholic Church as many of our detractors believe. Rather, we continue the Catholic Church which abrogated its primary responsibilities after the heresies of Vatican II. So in effect, we are the Catholic Church. But we desire for the church as it stands today to return to us, to the fold. It is not that we want to be separate or apart, but rather that we do not wish for so many to be deceived by the falsehoods of the pretend church that squats where we once stood.

For this reunion to take place, the false church must fall and its remnants return to the fold. In other words, return to us. And then we shall be able to return to our places of worship, stolen and usurped these last 60 years. But for this action to take place, and we must want it to take place, then it must come about by actions of those within the imposter.

People like Viganò.

For those unimaginative Catholics currently worshiping at the feet of the Satanic Novus Ordo, do not look at the actions of Viganò as preparation for you losing an Archbishop. Rather, look at his actions as the beginning of you awakening from a nightmare and coming back to the fold. Viganò has been on this journey actively since 2018, and this latest controversy marks a dramatic progress in his own public religious commitment to the truth.

God is truth. He is incapable of lying. Viganò is beginning to publicly embrace the truth. He is actively combating the lies of Satan and his pathetic minions. Viganò’s past failures notwithstanding, I do not crucify him for those missteps, as I have patience with the pace of the unfolding of his courageous struggle today. If as sedevacantists we wish for Vatican II to fall and for all Catholics to be reunited, then this public struggle has the distinct possibility of being the hand that pulls apart the gnarly knot on the thread of string that binds together 60 years of lies.

For that hope, I pray for Viganò and wish him strength in his fight.

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