Our Sinking Boat


When it comes to attempting to understand why Western civilisation has been steadily falling apart for several generations, it is a depressing reality that smart people are reliably and consistently dumb on this topic. Take the man who writes at Bad Cattitude as an example. In the comments section of an insightful piece that he wrote regarding the wayward students who are right now protesting the ‘current thing’, he wrote this:

the real power of community is that we need not share religious/deistic beliefs to share values.

As another commenter noted, it’s pretty lazy to make this statement while sitting atop the ruin of a nation built on Christian faith and values.

You can have all of the insightful viewpoints that you like regarding whatever bullshit lie the System is currently pushing on the limitless credulous. You might be able to see through all of the climate lies; you correctly called the Covid fraud; no amount of gaslighting is going to make you believe anything other than homosexuals are degenerate perverts who need to be ostracised and expelled from any community hoping to be healthy; the USA Russia conflict is an obvious last gasp of a dying empire; feminism is societal and familial poison; our economies are rotted out by Jewish usury; Israel is a blight on the planet; freedom of speech is a brilliant trap by the System; pick your red pill awareness topic and insert it here.

But if you don’t get the biggest truth of all, that a nation is comprised of a common religion, and that such a religion needs to be true Christianity, then you have understood nothing in this world and you will be fully unprepared for the next.

Community is religion, period. All of human history points to it. No amount of mumbo jumbo, wishful thinking, I just want to live my life my way, if it doesn’t hurt other people then it’s fine, attitude is going to make that stark truth change in any way.

El Gato smiles patiently and pats the poor deluded protesting children on the head, while he too inhabits the exact same boat; he just happens to be sitting on a higher bench. He is just as brainwashed by the same System as those he is criticising; and just like them he is fully unaware of it. And just like them, even if someone explains it to him in a direct manner as his own commenters are attempting to do, he will not hear.

He is not able to.

Why is that? I was there too. I was like him. Anyone who has read my work for any amount of time knows that. And I also did not have ears to hear or eyes to see. But then I heard, and I saw, because it was do that or die.

Jesus is the ultimate tough guy. He came with a sword. He didn’t turn up to make friends and get along with people. Everything that He said then is just as good and true today, and no machinations by the so-called modern Church will change that.

How can we help others to see this ultimate red pill? What would it take for El Gato to step off that decrepit and rotten boat? I think that the only way is for people to know that the boat is sinking. Everyone needs to have their own sinking boat moment.

I have had direct contact, this very week, with three different people who are on their own sinking boat. Each one of them knows that something is very wrong. And it is as if I am looking at them through a prism. I recently wrote that problems are pathways to God, and that is true. But it is He who offers His hand, and it is each of us who needs to reach up and accept it. Each of us needs to make that choice. There is not a single entity in the entire universe that can do that for us.

That is ultimate freedom, right there.

But if you get that wrong, you get to spend the rest of eternity knowing that you fucked up the one test that counted. I think that hell is that knowledge combined with a chosen separation from God. Most people today are living the second part of that doom. The knowledge is what comes after.

So pray for them. I wonder about heaven sometimes. I wonder what it is like to be there with the knowledge that the vast majority of people that you knew, and loved, and cared for are not there with you. I presume that being with God makes up for that. But I still wonder.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.