To Stand Behind the True Cross


I note that the Australian government is making it illegal to display any Nazi symbol or to raise the up turned palm of one’s hand in a slightly elevated position in front of one’s person whilst whistling the latest hit tune from Wagner. Presumably the film industry will have to reevaluate any plans to shoot WWII epics Down Under. Perhaps viewings of Romper Stomper will now be outlawed.

This comes in the wake of groups of Australian Nationalists using the Nazi salute in public protests against agents and provocateurs of the Machine. These protests have generated some notable successes, particularly against the foot troops of the Enemy, most prominently Antifa.

XYZ magazine, the online news resource which has republished my own work for a number of years, gave extensive coverage to these Nazi inspired groups. I was somewhat uncomfortable about this, not due to being squeamish, but rather because I was of the opinion that this sort of postulating is ultimately self defeating.

We are living under a soft totalitarian regime that occasionally flexes its muscles and becomes brutal when it feels threatened or when the peasants aren’t sufficiently kowtowing to the message. The Covid years in Australia were an excellent example of this on a broad scale, but there also exists real persecution at the micro level against individuals brave enough to publicly stand against them and defend themselves from the Machine’s agents.

But let’s get one thing straight – the Nazis were a hard totalitarian regime; they weren’t there to fuck spiders as the saying goes in Aussie land. So how does aping the norms of a hard totalitarian regime work when trying to fight a soft totalitarian regime? What message is communicated by acting in this manner?

And that then moves towards the question of exactly who are you trying to communicate to? If you’re only interested in communicating with the Machine, then mission accomplished. But if you’re trying to get through to the millions of normies out there who need to be woken up, then you’re doing a bad job of it. Normie is already subconsciously aware that he is living under a soft totalitarian regime. Why on earth would he want to risk everything he’s got to exchange that for a hard totalitarian regime?

Which then behooves the point of, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Winning small street battles against Antifa hoods or transtesticles is one thing; winning strategically is another. This then moves to another question: what are you standing for? It’s not enough to stand against what the Machine is doing or what it supports; that is a negative sum position. You must have a positive agenda, and that agenda needs to be clear and simple.

Truth is clear and simple.

But what about government? How deep are we in the crapper? I believe that democracy itself is not just fundamentally flawed but deliberately designed that way. It is working exactly as was intended. No democracy in man’s history has lasted for more than a few hundred years. Interestingly, the most successful and long lived government of the last two thousand years was the Venetian Republic which lasted for an entire millennium, an achievement which the Third Reich hoped to emulate but fell agonisingly short.

The Venetian Republic was an elective Catholic Monarchy. In other words, the Doge was the King but he was elected by a secret and most complicated ballot, the complexity of which was specifically designed so as to eliminate any possibility of rigging the vote. Added to this, the only men who could vote were those who came from established Venetian landowner families. The Doge had immense power but he was also under scrutiny and firm control. For example, the Doge could never meet foreign dignitaries alone; he had to be accompanied by at least two Venetian council members.

But underpinning it all was Catholicism. At times this went well, at times the republic risked falling into ruin, usually when they had become too rich and decadent and had somewhat cast aside those pesky Catholic rules, particularly as regards the 6th Commandment.

The Venetian Republic emerged as a direct result of the Roman Empire being burned to the ground. With barbarians putting Northern Italy to the torch, the survivors fled to the protection of the low marshy islands of the Venetian lagoon. No Rome burning down, no Venice.

Our present system that dominates our reality is ripe for the burning, and it seems intent on achieving this all on its own as it aggressively pursues war with Russia and soon China. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

The choice today is clear, at least from where I sit – rediscover God through the true Catholic faith; form communities of like-minded people; bring up your children outside of the System and its temptations; teach them well so they stand a good chance of not falling into its clutches when they come of age; arrange marriages for them so that your efforts will carry on through the generations; have courage to stand for God against the machine, (by the way, it sounds like the Amish had it almost right the whole time).

During the Covid lockdowns and protests I wrote how disappointing it was on those huge marches to see so many different flags being displayed. There was no unity, it was a sea of individuals just wanting to regain their freedoms to be individuals. I commented on how much more powerful such protests would have been if they had been led from the front by a row of fully robed real Catholic priests defiantly holding aloft the true cross of our Lord.

You want a public image to get behind that has a real chance of inspiring normie? That is the route to salvation. Nazi larping doesn’t even come into the picture when put up against such truth. The Machine went and banned the Nazi larping anyway; I think that they did us a big favor. Are they brave enough to ban the cross? I very much doubt it.

The question is though, are you brave enough and savvy enough to stand behind it?

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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