The Swastika Will Destroy Evil


Our ancestors observed the four seasons represented by the big dipper rotating around the North Star. This celestial calendar became a special symbol for our people as they struggled for survival in the frozen terrain of Europe and Eurasia.

The oldest swastika is believed to be 12,000 to 15,000 years old, carved into a mammoth tusk, found near the Ukrainian town of Mezine near the Russian border.

For thousands of years and across many different European tribes, variations of the swastika have been revered and used to adorn our most precious possessions; swords, shields, jewellery, coins, and places of worship. Swastika is Sanskrit for ‘well-being’. The German name is Hakenkreuz and the British, especially Anglo Saxon word was Fylfot, but it’s widely known as ‘swastika’ now.

In all regions the swastika has represented the same thing. The greatness of the universe, the forces of nature, the natural order, the natural cycles, the oneness of all things, peace, prosperity, good fortune, faith and well-being. Recently a medallion of gold was found in Denmark over 1500 years old. It represented our ancient king Odin and our sacred swastika.

As White people moved South and East creating civilisations, empires and religions, our holy symbol spread through the Middle East, India and Asia. Even the Hopi Indians and the megalithic builders of Central and South America revered our sacred symbol. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Zoroastrians and Pagans used the swastika and took it as far as Bali and Japan long before the Dutch or Portuguese arrived.

In the 1930’s Adolf Hitler recognised the sacred energy radiating from the swastika in the blood memory of his people. German streets were decorated with flowers and swastikas, channelling the Volk energy to strive for beauty and excellence. During the great depression when the bankers had crippled the world economy and swagmen roamed the bush of Australia looking for jobs and food, Germany became the richest, healthiest, fittest and happiest country with the highest living standards the world had ever seen.

When we see the swastika symbol on a banner or etched into stone, we are seeing a two dimensional symbolic representation of the real thing. When you meditate or pray you can experience the energy pulsating from the swastika in the form of an energy orb or vortex spiralling through time. Picture the numbers on a clock rotating and spiralling back and forwards. The swastika opens the mind to new paradigms and connects us through time with our ancestors and posterity.

Sitting in a comfortable chair, relax your body. Take four deep breaths, slowly exhaling. Ask god to guide you through the manifestation. Visualise a golden Swastika. Observe it slowly rotating until it appears to have 8 arms and then becomes a plasma energy orb turning and pulsating, drawing the universal energy in and radiating it back out. Raise both your arms in front of your head to form a circle with open cupped hands, not allowing your fingers to touch each other. Feel the energy from your visualisation contained between your arms. Repeat regularly and in time you will be able to direct the Vril energy internally or externally.

Anyone who reveres the power and beauty of the swastika would not use it in graffiti. Most times that our sacred symbol appears in graffiti, it is a hate hoax often painted incorrectly by antiwhites.

The best thing about the swastika is that it is like sunlight to vampires. The most evil and hypocritical parasites known to Man hate and fear the swastika. The symbol of goodwill, peace and prosperity absolutely triggers the sickest greys in our society.

Take out a piece of paper and write down the names of the 10 most deplorable, hateful, paedophilic or genocidal people in the world today. This experiment also works on the National, State and Community level. Now count how many of these people revere the swastika. The answer will always be zero. Only the most disgusting, degenerate, anti-natural people alive fear the power and beauty of the swastika.

Antiwhites want to totally ban the swastika in order to harm white people, disconnect us, and rob us of our heritage, but there are literately billions of people in the world from Europe to Japan, Canada to Argentina who respect the symbol, so they try to just ban White people from using our sacred symbol. The oldest, most powerful and beautiful symbol known to Man.

The Swastika.

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Blackthorn Jack has traversed many mountains and valleys of the world learning about exotic cultures. He noticed that the capital of Japan is full of Japanese, the Capital of India is full of Indians, the Capital of Nigeria is full of Nigerians but the Capital of England is only 40% English! What's going on? He studies natural medicine and seeks cures for anti-white meme pathogens.