Lidia Thorpe for Prime Minister


And in today’s “news” the Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese has called out Senator Lidia Thorpe for her “inappropriate” behaviour outside a Melbourne strip club where she was filmed in an altercation with a group of men accusing them of being oppressive and having a “small penis.” This is the latest in a series of stunts which has made the brazen former greens MP turned independent infamous in the Australian political theatre.

This past Australia day Lidia Thorpe declared war on Australia. In February Thorpe was removed from the Mardi Gras for lying down on the road to block the police float. Even the debauched were unimpressed, as one commentator alluded “When you’re too far out for Mardi Gras you know you’ve really crossed the line.” 1

In March Thorpe was tackled to the ground by the Australian Federal Police while joining a counter protest to an “anti-trans” rally. Referring to the “anti-trans” protesters she said, “We do not tolerate this kind of filth on Ngunnawal Country”. 2

During the recent episode seeing her banned from the strip club a man can be overheard objecting, “How does someone get in parliament like you? Seriously!?

Well let me answer that question: We voted for her! But what is more surprising to me is why a man at a strip club is even asking that question?

Honestly! Tell me that Lidia Thorpe is not the perfect representation of Australia in the 2020s! Sly snakes and sock puppets like Albanese and Morrison hide their self-interest and disregard for every day Australians behind their fancy suits and smooth tongues.

But Lidia Thorpe is truly an authentic modern Australian – one that every contributor to cultural marxist Australia should be proud!

Here are three reasons why I propose Lidia Thorpe would make the perfect Prime Minister of present day Australia.

Shameless and Immoral

Lidia is shameless and immoral. Being so intolerable that even strip clubs want her gone she is the perfect representative for our shameless society.

Whether we consider our culture’s glorification of perverse forms of sexuality. Or our Australian “mums” parading the right to kill their helpless babies. Or the group of aussie teenagers who gate-crashed last years anti-abortion protest outside WA parliament house bare breasted and shouting “my pussy, my choice” in full display of several hundred shocked mums and their daughters – It is clear that Australians now regard shame as an irrelevant concept.

Likewise there is no sacredness in the Australian marriage bed. Fornication has been ordinary behaviour for decades. We’ve now managed to normalise it for high schoolers. Our favourite television shows are often just gore, sex and vile language. Between those shows there is Tik Tok thankfully, since if we dared stop and reflect for but a single moment we might feel shame.

Porn used to be hidden. But now we have OnlyFans – it is like being an Uber Driver – but for our daughters. Now she can be her own pimp & prostitute and even advertise herself on billboards!

Yes, indeed, Lidia is the perfect Prime Minister for a shameless Australia.

Ignorant and Uneducated

Likewise Lidia is ignorant and uneducated. Her estranged white father recently spoke out that Lidia has significant roots in British colonial descent. Yet she has adopted the neo-Marxist narrative hook line & sinker as if she were born a full blood aboriginal in 1788. She takes modern regressive ideology to new heights. Her absurd activism is wokeism coming full circle – the snake eating its own tail. Let it go I say.

The aussie indoctrination camps that were once called Australian schools have abandoned any attempt to install rationalism and critical thinking skills into students. They now serve up a steady diet of “progressive” causes to get behind in every unit from English to science. From climate change cultism to the inclusion and diversity cult – Aussie kids are taught not to think only to emote about the agendas our Bureaucracy tells them to identify with.

Let’s face it. As an unthinking dolt, Lidia is the perfect role model for a generation of uneducated Australians who live by the social media worldview of “this current thing” and “Hey, look at me caring about it.”

Immature, Demanding, Attention Seeking Victim.

Lidia is a grown woman on the outside but a 15 year old on the inside. The strange stunts, the loud & abusive language is the behaviour of a young girl acting out a lifelong tantrum in which it seems nobody has ever cared enough to discipline her for.

These qualities so perfectly represent present day Australian culture that no other characteristics could better commend her for the Prime-ministership.

If we consider the brokenness of Australian families, rampant divorce, the abandonment of marriage, feminist ideology turned trans-ideology. The fact is we have produced a generation of unparented and unloved children that are now expected to act like adults. Instead our men are useless and our women lack charm, beauty and grace. The ugly consequences of destroying the Australian family are perfectly summed up in Lidia’s personality.

Instead Lidia has found her identity as the “Top Gun” of wokeness. Virtue signalling for acceptance isn’t enough! Instead woke-extremism is now the ultimate form of attention seeking. Everything and everybody else is an oppressor! She is the model victim for a society of victims that look to blame everyone else but themselves.

Yes with her at the helm no Australian will ever take responsibility for their life.

Lidia for Prime Minister

If truth be told present day Australia is like that man at the strip club who is astonished how a shameless, ignorant and childish woman could become a leader in our country.

But I say, really – Why are we surprised? The way I see it, God hating, vacuous, ignorant, ruinous, strip club attending fornicating Australia is very well represented by Lidia Thorpe.

So why not her for Prime Minister? That way Australia can look in the mirror and see exactly what we have become.

Originally published at The Christian Activist on April 22, 2023.