BlackRock’s ESG is a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement for Targeting White People


Jazzhands McFeels

Our most recent FTN deep-dive on ESG summarized in article form.

ESG should be understood by White people in the same way that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement is understood by Jews; otherwise 1A protected speech that has been effectively banned in most states. ESG is not only a means by which Jewish money power uses market manipulation to socially engineer American businesses, it is a weapon for destroying any business interests who don’t fully adhere to every tenet of Jew-enforced political correctness by denying them access to markets (removal from being traded on stock indexes) and denying them access to capital.

Publicly-traded corporations and those they do business with are the puppets, ESG represents the puppet strings, and Larry Fink, his Jewish board of directors, and his Jewish hedge fund BlackRock are the puppet masters. With Vanguard as the number one shareholder of BlackRock (and vice versa) and State Street, these 3 Jewish hedge funds have made ESG the core aspect of their business and control almost $20 trillion in assets, equivalent to the entire U.S. GDP. They are also the number 1, 2, and 3 shareholders (page 4, para 2) in every major publicly-traded company on the planet. So if you felt like every aspect of greenwashing…


rainbow flag washing…

and anti-White washing…

..seemed to come out of nowhere and manifest as though it was all being coordinated somewhere else, it was and this was how they did it.

International relations have soured and global geopolitical instability turned into a war with Russia when Jews tried to weaponize this leviathan as a tool of “diplomacy”. Greenwashing, especially on fossil fuels has always been about flexing on the Middle East, Russia, and China and has nothing to do with environmentalism. There’s a reason why BlackRock had a massive presence in Russia until they were forced to liquidate and endure massive losses as Jewish oligarchs fled to Israel.

Inflation is linked directly to multi-trillion dollar bailouts for banks, sanctions against Russia, and record corporate profits (not temporarily higher wages!) generated by the ESG asset bubble thanks to BlackRock. By charging fees 40% higher for ESG funds – which are now $3 trillion of the market and projected to hit a whopping $53 trillion by 2025 (that’s 53, not 5.3), Larry Fink and BlackRock have inflated these assets thus making them seem profitable. Enforced virtue signaling for BLM, trannies, and Ukraine does not equate to any real quantifiable value, so it’s all a mirage.

All of this is now culminating in a major backlash against BlackRock, resulting in environmentalist protests at BlackRock HQ, BlackRock execs in charge of ESG quitting and writing exposès about the entire concept being a fraud, Fink having to rename and rebrand ESG three times, and now the GOP pretending to sing in key with dissent in order to drive the issue into obfuscation and background noise as liberals attempt to convince their rank and file to go out and defend BlackRock from conservative attacks.

We’ve been talking about this for years and now the bottom is falling out of these ridiculous Jewish schemes and their swinging chickens are finally coming home to roost. BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and other Jewish market manipulators should be nationalized, and dezionized, and Larry Fink and his board members share the same fate as Bernie Madoff. The only difference between what Bernie did and Larry is doing is the air of legitimacy granted to BlackRock by the Jewish media. It all has to come down (legally, and with due process, under black letter U.S. law).

This is what happens Larry!

Originally published at DissidentMag.