A slight counter argument to those on our side who took the Vaxx and have a small issue with those of us who didn’t


Sev linked to my piece on Our Sweet Victory over Science, (thanks Sev), and got a discussion going over at his place. One of his readers took slight umbrage to what I wrote.

OK, with respect to the update on Adam’s Coof-amnesty take, I want to be blunt. I agree with the substance of what he’s written, but it surfaces an attitude I hear more and more and find deeply troubling. It’s this idea that vaxx refusers — the pure bloods — are noble and virtuous, while those who took the jab are somehow less worthy. The glee with which some await the doom of those who took the vaxx completely fails to distinguish between those who did it with hesitation but a fear that was frequently stoked and only rarely countermanded and those who celebrated it as a sacrament of their Science™ based religion.

The fact is that some, myself included, took the initial two-dose jab because we were told that our pre-existing medical conditions exposed us to a greater risk of death. Now, adverse reactions are being reported with alarming frequency. I wonder if the complication I’m experiencing, which began in the time after the jab, is due to it. But none of my doctors wants to credit that possibility. All they do is try to push the boosters on me, which I now refuse. I navigated a two-week bout of illness during which I tested positive for the virus but it was no worse than a bad flu. So I trust my conclusion that the vaxx is worthless and unnecessary. But that’s hindsight, and I can’t undo what’s been done.

I guess all I’m asking is that those who recognize the colossal fuck up that the Coof response exhibited have the decency to recognize that some of their fellow dissident brethren are burdened by the same dread as the true believers. Unlike them, we didn’t ask for this; and you may question whether we exercised poor judgment or not, but I don’t believe I deserve whatever harm may befall me or others similarly situated. I certainly don’t want amnesty for them, but I do want a climate within which real problems can be acknowledged and addressed. The correct distinction is not between so-called pure bloods and those with vaxx-tainted blood; but between those who celebrated and enforced the mandates and those who did not, whether they resisted or succumbed.

Well, allow me to retort.

For a start my piece was about the Left, their attitude to the Vaxx, the beginning signs of them wishing to extricate themselves from any blow back from their despicable behavior, and last but not least the ticking time bomb inside their veins. Tick tock, tick tock.

Now, nobody commenting either here or over at Sev’s are Leftists, apart from the Feds who like to monitor what we’re up to and who like to shut down my blog on regular occasions, (hi Feds! – GDIAGF).

So for those people on our side of the divide who did shoot the goop into their arms and who are getting prickly with those of us who both didn’t shoot the goop into our arms and who have the temerity to point it out on occasion in a response to the Left and not an attack on those of us who caved, my calm and measured response to them is this:

Go. Fuck. Your. Selves.

You caved, not us. Maybe you caved because you were at risk of losing your job. That means you have the spine of a caterpillar. I went through two years of professional hell due to my stance as I had to fly back and forth between Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands, which meant constant quarantine on either end and an ever increasing ratcheting up of the pressure from those above. But more than that it shined the light of Sauron upon me so that those above knew without a doubt that I was a troublemaker. And in the end I lost my job.

Maybe you caved because you trusted your doctor. For those of you who have read my first book I detailed a chronic illness that I suffered in my twenties and how I had to shop around for doctors because the vast majority of them simply told me to take steroids for the rest of my life. I finally found a doctor with his act together and who cured me. Well, that very same doctor convinced my family back home to take the jab. As far as I know I am the only member of my entire family who didn’t take it. Oh, and by the way I came under pressure from my own family to take it.

So I am very well aware, thank you very much, that if this does play out the way that I fear then it’s just going to be just me standing. That doesn’t fill me with joy. What it does do is fill me with rage. But here on my little blog which I publish for free and have never asked anyone for a fucking penny ever, I like to take shots at the Left. Which is what I did. But thank you once again for assuming that I enjoy the idea of being very much alone in this world if things play out the way that our enemies planned.

In Australia they built literal concentration camps for those of us who didn’t take the vaxx. There are still mandates in place in that country and many others. I still cannot fly into the United States as one example. We were forcibly locked out of society for two years, we were publicly taunted and shamed, we were made out to be dealers of death and the most selfish people possible, and none of you fuckers on our side who submitted stood up for us, or at least I didn’t hear any of you saying anything. At best we were an uncomfortable social reality for you, but hey, at least you got to sit in restaurants again and enjoy your meal after you had flashed your green pass. For almost a year in Saudi Arabia I could not enter any shop, restaurant or supermarket. I couldn’t even get my hair cut. I had to pay ten times the going rate to get some Turk to come to my house to trim my locks. Awesome, really had a great time of it.

And now, and now when we daaaaaaarre to point out that we were right, and let me remind you once again in what was a response to and an attack on the Left and not on the guys on our side who caved, you have a big problem with it. You know what your problem is? It’s not the goop in your arm, although I am sure that that gives you pause. Your problem is that you are now a living example of someone who caved under pressure and every day going forward you are reminded of it, and there is not one thing you can do about it except try to attack those of us who had two nads to rub together in the same situation.

Fuck me. You’re worse than useless. At least our enemies on the Left have taken a side, as rotten and corrupt and full of lies that it is. You went along to get along and it doesn’t matter what your motivations were, the end result is the same. So please take a big healthy dose of shut the fuck up, because your literal betters are talking now and you have forfeited any say in the conversation going forward.

End of a real rant.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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