Justice For Jupiter Paulsen Protest, Fargo ND, June 4, 2022


From the National Justice Party.

One year ago 14-year-old Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen was killed by an African immigrant in her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota. Local media has done all they can to brush this under the rug and harass her family into silence. Local officials are working to give her killer Arthur Kollie an insanity plea to help him avoid punishment.

Thousands of cases just as tragic as this one happen every year in America. All of which deserve attention, and political action. Every life taken was avoidable. If it weren’t for anti-White politicians, NGOs, and media, none of these crimes would have taken place. Through radical immigration policy, “criminal justice reform,” and racial brainwashing It is clear that the official US government policy is one of reducing and ultimately replacing the White population. This policy led directly to the murder of Jupiter Paulsen. Political organization is the only way to prevent this from happening to another family ever again.

On Saturday June 4, 2022 The National Justice Party teamed up with supporters and local activist Peter Teft to protest this unspeakable injustice in Fargo and all over America.

This video is dedicated to all victims of anti-White violence.