Melbourne Has 1 MILION Covid Cases


The Victorian government’s own website states there are about two and a half thousand new Covid cases each day and over fifty thousand active Covid cases across the state.

It’s bullshit.

My estimate is that close to one million people in Melbourne currently have Covid. It’s probably far higher, but I am being conservative. The reason I make this estimate is because everybody I know, myself included, either has Covid or has just gotten over it.

Obviously, we know that Covid does not actually exist because the disease itself has never been isolated. The PCR test is completely unreliable and can be used to demonstrate the existence of practically any substance in the universe.

So it’s not Covid.

Supposedly, the flu disappeared in 2020 but it has suddenly returned. Again, it’s nonsense. The flu is Covid. Covid is the flu. Covid and the flu have basically the same symptoms, characteristics, and death rates. The world’s governments, medical establishment and Lying Press rebranded the flu and used it to lockdown entire nations, to sabotage the world economy as cover for the fact that a debt supernova is about to hit us, and in oder to fulfil the WEF’s latest rebranding of international socialism – the Great Reset.

All of this is well known and uncontroversial.

Similarly, we know that the scamdemic was used as a money-making exercise for multiple jewish-owned Big Pharma companies, and that their not-vaccines are killing people by the millions.

Again, all unremarkable. What I would come back to is my headline point. Everybody has a cold, a flu, whatever. Right now, everybody in Melbourne is sick.

Because this is Melbourne.

In winter.

(Yeah I know it’s not really winter yet. Fuck off.)

In winter in Melbourne, everybody gets sick. It’s just what happens. We generally have three million cases of the cold/flu circulating in Melbourne for about 4-5 months of the year, every year.

You know how when you listen to old live recordings of classical music concerts and there is always that one guy who coughs through the entire LP? I have been to classical music concerts here where there are 30 coughers. That’s no exaggeration. Everybody in Melbourne gets the same cough. It has become so recognisable over the last decade or so that pre-Covid, I had started referring to it as “the Melbourne cough”.

And it lasts weeks. Get a tickle in your throat in Melbourne and you basically resign yourself to having a cold for two weeks and coughing for at least the next month. To reiterate, this was pre-Covid. Melbourne was a fundamentally unhealthy place to live pre-Covid. The genius of Covid Hysteria was to weaponise this unhealthiness and rebrand it as Covid.

What sucked extra hard was that pre-Covid, we lived in a society where we were encouraged to maybe take a few days off if we got a cold, but then return to work as soon as we could and just soldier on.

This tells us that not just Melbourne but the whole of Western modernity is fundamentally unhealthy. Melbourne pre-Covid was basically just a whole bunch of people feeling sick for most of the winter and sharing each other’s germs, but being forced to go back to work even though we didn’t want to. Because, you know, everybody else did.

Ironically, this is why isolation rules are awesome. If you test positive to Covid, you must isolate for seven days. If people are smart about it, they will start waiting several days before they get a test, practically giving themselves a fortnight off when they get the sniffles. This is a good thing. It is healthy, it is restorative, and it is pro-human.

Business groups are currently making a fuss about relaxing the Covid isolation rules so that employers can get more people back to work. I can tell you as a 100% guaranteed fact, 99% or ordinary people love the isolation rules, it’s the vaccine mandates that we hate. The isolation rules actually give us a breather, they allow us time to recover and they give us a break from the utter drudgery that is work in the complete scam that is a modern service economy.

Seriously, what work entails now is the following:

  • Sending emails.
  • Making phone calls.
  • Going to meetings.

That’s it. That’s all we do. Even the tradies who think they’re the salt of the earth and are doing things with their hands are living a lie. The entire tradie economy in Australia is built on two completely unsustainable factors:

  • Building houses for the people who are replacing us.
  • Renovating the houses of the overpaid government employees who man the infratructure of the system which brings in the people to replace us.

Neither of those two categories should exist and they’re both killing Australia.

So, what does all this mean? It means modernity sucks. Our entire modern economy is based on socialising people into thinking our jobs matter, on making us sick, then forcing us to keep working when we are sick.

Even before we get into fiat currency, it’s slavery.

“Get a career” they said.

This is why I advocate using the system’s rules against itself. We’re actually able to take the amount of time off we need when we get sick now. If these isolation rules had existed in the past our economy would never have been able to function in the first place.

Isolation rules basically allow the entire country to pull a giant sickie. If we work together we can bring the entire sick system crashing down.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.