Police scale walls to prevent DANCING in Western Australia


The owners of this bar deserve a medal:

Hundreds of people breached Western Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a party held in a Perth bar.

Operators of bar, The George, are now facing up to $250,000 in fines and are at risk of losing their liquor licence over the illegal event.

Police found the bar’s doors locked and the windows blacked out when they attended about 11.30pm yesterday.

That is awesome. However, it is incredible the lengths Australians must now go to in order to live ordinary lives.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said police had to scale walls to find the 300 party-goers inside.

“My officers had to climb walls to get inside and eventually got in through other doors,” he said.

I can’t believe I am reading this. Australia is nuts.

The large group was unmasked and it is believed the group destroyed the venue’s QR posters.

These people have just become my personal heroes.

Nightclubs, music events and dancing are currently banned under Western Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions, while only seated service is permitted in bars.

Commissioner Dawson said the people involved in the party had shown a “blatant disregard” for the health laws with their “selfish behaviour”.

In a separate incident, WA Police charged a 42-year-old Yokine man for hosting a Boxing Day party in breach of COVID-19 restrictions.

The man advertised the boat party as a ticketed event, which took place on a chartered boat that departed the Barrack St Jetty in Perth at 6.20pm on December 26.

According to police, a video of the event posted on social media showed people standing in close proximity, dancing to music and consuming alcohol.

Police have said patrons did not appear to be wearing face masks.

The man will be issued with a $5000 fine.

Standing in close proximity and dancing are against the law in Australia. In summer. It is about here I should put in the disclaimer that this is not satire.

My whole life, the people who are now in charge of everything told my generation horror stories about how awful it was in the past when so-called “prudes”, “killjoys” and “wowsers” would try to stop ordinary people from having fun.

These pejoratives were never about setting people free, they were about destroying the family and Christian morality. Now these foundations of civilisation have been destroyed, the destroyers are the new prudes, obsessed only with power.

Compliance is not going to work against the kind of people who send police to scale walls to stop people from dancing and standing closely to one another.

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