Gay Activist US Army Staff Sergeant Fantasizes About Oppressing Right-Wing Americans In Viral Video


From National Justice.

Many have criticized Department of Defense Lloyd Austin’s campaign to purge the US military of nationalist or culturally conservative political beliefs.

The reasoning is that army service generally attracts those with more right-leaning beliefs, thus attacking them for their political views undermines their morale in conflicts abroad. .

But what if the purpose of the ideological crackdown isn’t to win wars outside of the United States?

Cindy Bronson, a gay activist social media personality currently serving as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, may have the answer.

In a video published two days ago on TikTok, Bronson responded to a civilian’s video calling on the military to join armed citizens in opposing the increasingly tyrannical government.

@nuggets_n_chicken@2agoodsign it’s funny your name is Jodi. We have a running joke. My views do not reflect the us military #ChewyChattyPets #EatFreshRefresh

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In the clip, Bronson appears in full uniform, and states, “your little good ol’ boy system is not going to fair well for you.”

Bronson then continued, “understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just going to be pointed at other people, other countries, it’s pointed at you.”

“If you do not get in your house when I tell you to, you become the enemy. Martial law. You know, when your rights get curtailed?”

On Twitter, Bronson claims she was only describing the insurrection act. The glee and joy with which she described the idea of using the US military to oppress her enemies suggests otherwise.

Military regulations generally frown on soldiers making political videos on social media. Bronson’s clip, which is a thinly veiled warning to critics of the government, goes beyond merely antagonizing a civilian and into the territory of undermining the military’s prestige and credibility as a politically neutral institution.

The armed forces are one of only a handful of institutions in America that enjoys widespread support (69%). Videos like Bronson should be grounds for discipline or even a court martial, but because she holds far left political beliefs, she may represent the views of the current military establishment much more accurately than ordinary Americans think.