So apparently Milo isn’t gay now


The news this morning that greeted me with my morning coffee is that Milo is no longer gay, has repented and gone back to the Catholic Church. I then proceeded to read the linked interview where he outlines his retreat from his former life of devotion to youth and lust. To say that I found it unconvincing would be to say that I find the Great Victoria Desert a little sandy. Is this an uncharitable position for me to take; an un-Christian position? Quite possibly, perhaps even certainly. But I have a nose for grifters and this one still has that unmistakable odor.

Milo was trying to be funny in the interview, utilizing his usual shtick. But jokes about buying luxury cars and handbags are now nothing but obscene in the context of where he currently claims to be in a spiritual sense. It wasn’t that funny before, but it’s downright in poor taste now. I also wonder where his marriage to a black man sits in all of this. In the interview he talks about living with another man who appears to be his former lover, but no mention is made of the fate of his desecration of the holy state of marriage. In fact, many aspects of his very public life remain unanswered. The interview was mostly glib and thus unsatisfying if his present claims are to be considered seriously.

I suppose that the most important question regarding Milo’s latest attention seeking extravaganza is whether or not it will do any good in the greater scheme of things. After all, God does work in mysterious ways and He has often employed the most unlikely individuals to be the public carriers of His word. If Milo’s about face, so to speak, would help to implode the lie of the gay gene that is so often pushed by the homo lobby then that in of itself would be a positive outcome. If one man who had fallen for the perversions of homosexual lust could be saved by Milo’s actions then that undoubtedly would also be a big positive.

So I endorse Milo’s repentance, but with caution. Because reading that interview it is quite clear that Milo is still very much of this world.

The worldly person is an “enemy of the Cross of Christ.” Phil. 3:18

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