Please Kick Me I’m A Feminist


A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend’s gym in Brunswick (which is in Melbourne for those folk not from the deep south). He was based in the city but the rents were killing him (ironic to think of that now with Melbourne’s deserted office spaces) and his new digs were spacious and cheaper.

Brunswick is probably the core of Melbourne’s inner city left elite, which makes it the core of Australia’s inner city left elite, given Victoria has decided to specialise in cultivating world class leftist wankers as a growth industry. I am sure there are many nice people from Brunswick, there just don’t seem to be enough of them to outnumber the pink haired brigade who turn out self righteous idiot Green candidates as regularly as clockwork in every election for every level of government.

As I shambled down the street with my battered bag of boxing gear, I smiled blandly at hand holding spiky haired same sex types who in turn glared at my heterosexual impertinence in visiting their spray can decorated, shabby chic streets. Turning into a side street I came across a large cartoonish poster in lurid pinks and purples depicting a painfully skinny blonde haired woman in (I think?) Thai kickboxing shorts booting a dollar sign. “Kick Liberal Feminism!” was the invitation, and I had a delicious moment thinking “Wow, it’s now ok to kick feminists! How progressive.” I wondered whether I could select my own, or whether there was some list and timetabled opportunity.

Coupled with this were a few thoughts I had turning in my head. The first was how the left is so obsessed with the use of violence to suppress people they don’t like. As a conservative I regularly come across vile lefty nutters on social media but I don’t have a desire to bash them into submission.

In a small digression I would also comment at just how bad they are at violence. Their flaccid, orc like bodies regularly get pummelled in anything like an even scrap. Leftist Hollywood regularly sells commie fantasies of skinny, liberated females routing beefy males with high martial arts kicks.

The reality of fighting, as anyone who has done it will attest, is that kicks are often slow and always put you at risk of being put on your arse, which isn’t surprising as you only have one foot on the ground. Kicks delivered above your hips also lack power as your leg muscles are not designed to lift your knee above your waist. In short, those lovely head high round house kicks that the Hollywood ladies love would result in the leg weakly plopping into the targets side. To any fighter, this just means an invitation to grab the leg with one arm, grab a handful of shirt-front with the free hand and pile drive the head of the dope who tried it into the pavement.

My second thought was with how the left has so successfully radicalised the original feminist movement that it is able to suggest younger generations should deliver violence against older generations.

In any organisation infiltrated by the left, it’s a key indicator of the extent of its degeneracy to see how far the left has succeeded in creating warring groups within that organisation. The use of violence, fear and irrational attacks against those not in line with whatever language the left’s masters chose to use is the signature of the degree of infiltration. Just think of the madness of some of the following current lingo and you get my drift.

Can straight males really deny they are oppressing women by just looking at them? Look at how fit you are, don’t you know that’s a micro-aggression to fat people? Are you a climate change believer or denier? White people can never speak over a black person. How could you put that message out on social media 10 years ago, but not realize that when the mood changed you would be judged as an oppressor?

No one is immune from these attacks and this of course is what the left elite love. There is only power, and those people that have it and those that want it. Constantly changing the game and the accepted language is a way of keeping things unstable and allowing free use of power to oppress at will. Its why any society run by the left looks like Game of Thrones after about three generations. Families are the basic building block of humanity and, due to their focus on power, aristocratic families quickly become the go to basic structure for rulers of any commie state.

Feminism now joins the group of busted flushes infiltrated by leftists. These include environmentalists, soft christians (think Uniting Church), the peace movement, multiculturals, academics, etc etc.

Who would have guessed that the first wave of feminists were Christian women who wanted to have the vote, partly to temper their husbands’ predilection to not attend church and go to the pub. What those steely eyed, beefy armed Anglo-Saxon protestant church types would have thought of some anorexic, pink haired woman who wants to be called Bill and thinks white people are inherently evil would be interesting. I suspect they would have burnt them at the stake.

By the time that the second wave of feminism rolled in, leftist infiltrators were sniffing around. Odious French lefties (proposed essay question for year 12 English exam “Why do the French produce the most stupendously shite brand of post war leftism? Discuss”) used the time they had left over from inventing fictional careers in the Resistance in proposing that women having children and living in a marriage were actually just oppressed workers labouring (literally) under the dead weight of a reinvented capitalist oppressor, ie their husband and kids. Feisty American feminists (a lot of whom seem to be Jews from New York, must be something in the bagels) were remarking “I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t have an orgasm waxing the kitchen floor”.

There was zippo resistance from slightly puzzled males who probably agreed that people of talent should be paid the same and get the same opportunities, and couldn’t work out why they were being shouted at so loudly. By the time the 80’s rolled around this was accepted wisdom and government law finally caught up with reality, especially as that second income was now built in to the household budget. Those overseas holidays don’t pay for themselves and the good lady wife needed to kick in her share of the dough!

While the normies thought it was about equality, the academic feminists knew otherwise. Female-only safe spaces proliferated, women needed men as much as a fish needed a bicycle (no, I never knew what that meant either) was a pet saying amongst the birkenstock brigade and sex was regarded as a contentious activity. I was seriously told by one femocrat loony in the 80’s that all heterosexual sex was rape, and this was a mainstream view from feminists at the time.

The wolf finally dropped the sheep’s clothing of equality in the 90’s. Women were getting into uni in record numbers, boys were actually losing the education race and women could work in the office as suits if they wanted (most didn’t as by the time the 90’s rolled around they had self selected the roles they wanted to work in, not surprisingly these were roles such as nurses and teachers not mechanical engineers, as had been planned for them by the boiler suit brigade of fish and bicycle loving femmies of the 70’s).

With no obvious problems, and feminism now thoroughly infiltrated by lefty scum, issues had to be invented to continue using the feminist front to undermine society. A rash of sexual harassment on campus was ‘discovered’ in the 90’s (nearly all bogus). Angry Riot Grrrls stomped around girls mags looking for traditional (white) males to be angry at. The 80’s cool metrosexual man who didn’t really give a toss if his wife earned more than he did, was replaced by the earnest vegan wanker we see today constantly apologising for his oppressive behaviour as a sly way of conning his way into the pants of the fat chick with the blue hair and Doc Martens.

Now with the fourth wave of feminists the full leftist divisive crazy is here. Men can be women, whites are evil and need to be ethnically cleansed to prevent racism, and the future is online with your preferred intersectional buddies on your favourite Twitter anti capitalist site. The only vaguely entertaining moment is when the young brash types threaten to beat up the old lefties of the 70’s when they absurdly try to claim that women are biologically different from men. “Go back to where you came from redneck” goes out to the now steel grey haired overall wearing femmies as they are chased off campus as fast as their wobbly old legs will take them. Thus the kicking liberal feminism poster.

Feminists are now just another socialist front; scum who want your money, your religion, your family and your life. Do not trust a feminist who wants to cut your son’s dick off but who says ‘if you hate feminism you must hate women wanting to be treated equally’. They are hiding behind definitions of words they know they have perverted. The two card monty is a standard lefty trick of saying one thing (eg the ABC is impartial broadcaster and supporter of Australian culture ) when they know they have perverted the meaning to be totally different (ie, the ABC is actually a fetid swamp of socialist scum who hate Australia).

Ordinary boys are graduating schools in dresses, aspergic teenagers are taking hormones and getting their vaginas rearranged into penis shapes, and a discussion of a religious text could get you fined for trying to convert people away from their planned leftist perverse course set by the fourth wavers graduating from our universities.

Feminism is a busted flush. Given they feel free to kick feminists, you definitely should join the fun. Just don’t kick above the waist.