Only the Lord will save you from sodomite rage


The process of coming out as a devout Christian in recent months has been an interesting one to say the least. While people are usually supportive, a few have criticised my “God bothering” as off putting to them, and some have been outright hostile, I pray for these souls.

It has been eye opening, but worth it as it has given me an awful lot of clarity as to what is truly wrong with our society.

The more I look around, the more I see the world as a degenerate and wicked place, full of sinners and those who glorify said sinners. Nobody is innocent; even the most dedicated Christian sins regularly, but some in our society take things to the extreme.

Not only do they sin wilfully, they get violently angry if you even point out that they are sinners.

I am speaking of course, of homosexuals, otherwise known as sodomite reprobate rejecters of the Lord.

They prey on our tolerance, our empathy and the “live and let live” instincts of the Western man, but just like any sin; you give an inch and Satan will take a mile.

Genesis 19 sums up the end game of tolerating sodomite degeneracy.

You can read it for yourself but here is the gist of the thing, if you tolerate sodomites, eventually they will force themselves on you.

Just to nail the point home God repeats the lesson in Judges 19, where a group of sodomites rape a woman to death.

Oh yeah, they all go both ways, did we mention that? “Born that way” is bulls***, there is no “gay gene,” it is not “natural” as our media overlords like to claim.

Society is now so far down into sodomite hell that not even becoming one of them will save you. According to The Guardian if you happen to have resisted the sodomite agenda in the past, you are always guilty.

Aaron Schock, a four-term Illinois congressman, was once a GOP wunderkind. He was the first member of the US Congress born in the 1980s but had the values of someone born in the 1890s, consistently voting against LGBTQ+ rights. On Thursday, however, the 38-year-old came out as gay in a 2,000 word post.

Nevertheless, coming out isn’t some sort of “get out of jail free” card. It doesn’t absolve you of your history. It doesn’t wipe your slate clean like Schock seems to think it does. As Glaad notes, the ex-politician doesn’t acknowledge the hurt he caused. He doesn’t take real responsibility and he doesn’t even properly apologize.

Instead of asking for forgiveness, Schock seems to demand applause: LGBTQ+ people who don’t welcome him with open arms, he suggests, are “vicious”. His self-indulgent essay paints himself as both tragic victim and courageous hero. “I … hope that in sharing my story it might help shine a light for young people,” he writes. What exactly is the moral of that story, one wonders? It is absolutely fine to spend years screwing over your community for personal gain as long as you come out afterwards? As far as I’m concerned, Schock can shine his light elsewhere.

Contrast this to the recent embracing of degenerate sin from British TV presenter Philip Schofield who did so to rapturous applause from the oligarchy-controlled media.

If you resist these people, nothing will ever save you.

Transgender children, drag queen story hour, “safe school” sodomite propaganda, and an LGPT police taskforce are all a direct result of our naïve tolerance.

God warned us, He gave us the remedy, never tolerate sodomites in your kingdom, lest you one day find your kid raped to death in a gutter.