Godless Atheists Demand the Right to Abuse Christians


There is only one group of people who can save the West from destruction, and her people from annihilation, that is the straight European Christian man. The oligarchy knows this, which is why they have been plotting our demise for decades now.

One of their favourite tactics is to pass laws that oppress us, while pretending that they are really just trying to protecting the “most vulnerable” or some other cliché like that.

“Anti-discrimination” laws always end up giving the state the power to discriminate against our people, this is by design, and the proposed Religious Discrimination Act is no different. The oligarchy will use it to suppress us and shut down all dissent in any way they can, there is little doubt.

Hence, the latest call from a bunch of godless atheist scum demanding the government make the Religious Discrimination Act pointless the moment it is law:

Scott Morrison’s religious discrimination bill must clearly allow employers to sack workers who make “offensive” statements backed up by their faith or be scrapped entirely, two of Australia’s biggest law firms say.

MinterEllison and Maurice Blackburn have joined a broad coalition of religious groups, LGBTI advocates, business representatives and trade unions who have expressed their dislike for Attorney-General Christian Porter’s second draft of the act.

Secular critics of the bill have circled on the “Israel Folau clause” which would – in theory – protect people like the rugby star from being fired for making controversial statements against issues like same-sex marriage or abortion so long as the statement is based on their religious beliefs.

Remember, these clowns think that anything they disagree with is “offensive,” to them “hate speech” is just speech they hate. Has the mainstream media ever genuinely cared at all about Islamic hatred or Jewish Supremacy?

Of course they have not, which is why they want to give a new Religious Discrimination Commissioner power to determine what counts as “offensive.”

The only reason we are debating this law is because Rugby Australia fired Israel Folau for saying things the Left consider “offensive.” It is specifically there to protect religious viewpoints. Yet here we have a bunch of Godless atheists Leftists demanding the government frame the law as to give themselves absolute power over who can say what, ever.

“Statements of belief, even if made genuinely and in good faith, may still be profoundly offensive and distressing to others,” the MinterEllison submission reads.

“Statements of belief which are offensive to members of the LGBTI+ community or on the basis of an individual’s religion or gender can be readily contemplated. However, there are undoubtedly many other circumstances where significant offence and distress might be caused.”

So if we happen to annoy a sodomite reprobate pervert because we consider them sodomite reprobate perverts, because God considers them sodomite reprobate perverts, then employers should have the right to fire us.

Will employers have the right to sack sodomites who say offensive things about their religion, or are we supposed to bow down and let them rape our children to death?

Folau beat them and now they want their revenge at any cost.

“MinterEllison’s view is that employers should not be prevented or restricted from taking any reasonably necessary step to protect the health and welfare of its employees in all circumstances, including where the potential for harm occurs as a consequence of a statement of belief, irrespective of the genuineness or good faith of that statement of belief, and wherever the conduct occurs.”

According to these clowns, it does not matter if it is a devout religious view, it does not matter if your holy text says it, if you offend sodomite feelings “anti-discrimination” can go and jump.

If the government listens to these people, they will turn an already stupid law into nothing short of a club to silence Christians.

So much for “tolerance.”

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