Antiwhite Ad Sends Scandinavian Airlines Scurrying


Scandinavian Airlines released their latest television commercial attacking their customers, much like Gillette and KFC with similar disastrous consequences. After receiving thousands of thumbs down and negative comments they deleted the video then re-uploaded it with comments disabled. So typical.

Even the largest shareholders of SAS, the Swedish and Danish governments, advised the marketing department to ease up, should the Scandinavian people wake up to what their governments are doing to their once beautiful homelands. I for one will never fly SAS again. There are a number of better alternatives that are not haunted by the Spectre of Barbara. Now that SAS has revealed its underbelly let’s see how long it lasts. Spread the word.

Barbara Spectre moved to Sweden to change the demographics with funding from the Swedish Government, and has inspired one of the most famous cartoons of the resistance. Every word in the cartoon has been copied from vicious antiwhites then flipped. Americans sent a petition to the White House to make this cartoon compulsory viewing in all schools across America but Obama rejected it.

It’s your XYZ.