A Ryan Rant – Episode 97 – America Under Alien Management


America may well be a diverse marketplace of political ideologies spanning the spectrum, however the anarcho-tyranny exerted by the kosher kleptocratic kritarchs ruling America, speaks volumes with regards to the precedent of a parasite-free nation.

The realities of the cartels that control America are increasingly becoming conceptually understood amongst the plebs forced to endure the empire of Eser Ha-Makot tier extermination.

Amongst the Blue gang’s front-runners at present are Jewish Bolshevik Bernie Sanders who is the oldest candidate running, a mayoral tier homosexual known as Wall Street Pete Buttigay, and Jewish billionaire Michael Bloomberg who allies with child rapist predators.

Meanwhile the laughable label of “White Supremacist” attributed to Republican President Donald Trump by the lying paedophile presstitute propaganda mills, is in actuality a deliberate misrepresentation solicited by organised Jewry who simultaneously call Donald Blumpfberg “The First Jewish President of the United States”.

This is further reinforced by a myriad of variables observed during Trump’s first term in office which compounds that fact that Trump is hardly a sympathetic figure towards White Nationalism, but rather a Zionist boomer who laces his neo-liberal agenda with implicit racial rhetoric strategically skewed towards gaslighting those opposed to advancing Greater Israel.

With 2020 coincidentally aligning with the ‘year of the rat’ on the Chinese Zodiac calendar, some people say it’s fate that certain privileged paedophile protecting power-brokers cry wolf about “antisemitism”, when they themselves sow the seeds of aversion amongst their outgroup.

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