British Army makes anti-white recruitment video


Just remember, young white man, this war in a foreign country you’re fighting is for all the non-whites back home.

And the THOTs.

Especially the THOTs.

Easy on the civic nationalism multiculturalism there, globohomo. We know you’re trying to spread the multicultural lie that Great Britain is a nation of immigrants, but you might just hit the tripwire.

Is it just me, or will every native British lad watching this ask himself, “Why would I fight a war in a foreign country when my own country is full of foreigners?”

We here at The XYZ could not resist making our own, more honest version of the recruitment video. This comes courtesy of Ryan Fletcher:

It is interesting watching the ad with Ryan Fletcher’s adjustments to see how well the original advertisement captured the essence of each race that currently resides in Britain. The blacks are strong and ready to kill, the Asians make the money and whitey is degenerate.

One of those occasions where globohomo accidentally tells the truth.

We became aware of this ad courtesy of the Rabbi Imam of Peace on Twitter:

It is very clever because at first you think he is saying what we are saying, but he’s not. He still wants muslim immigration to the West but wants to cling to the magical belief that we can somehow screen out the terrorists. For starters, it is the second and third generations of muslim immigrants you should be watching. So the easiest way to prevent all islamic terrorism is a blanket ban on all islamic immigration.

The Imam should lead by example.

More to the point, it doesn’t matter whether the people we import to the West in their millions are peaceful or not. This is our land, not theirs, and we are being replaced in our own lands because we are taking in so many while failing to reproduce ourselves above the replacement level.

Mass immigration is white genocide, whether they want to sell you shoes or blow you up.