Quote of the Day: National Parks are fire traps


Here is The XYZ Quote of the Day, posted by a commenter on Facebook in response to Adam Piggott’s article “The Australian fires are the fault of us all”.

“This is a picture I took 2 years ago of the old trails in Willisons Creek (currently on fire) next door to Terania Creek in Nightcap National Park near Ninbin (mentioned in the story) this was a forestry area sustainably logged for decades Now locked up as National park–”

“I said it was a fire trap 2 years ago

“I can tell you that there was Fuel on the ground everywhere – fallen down trees which were planted to be logged are on the ground all over the place – this timber is just sitting there Rotting (going back to carbon dioxide) or even more worrying to me – Ready to Burn.

As for all the old trails – 90% are now overgrown and impassable – as for the gated trails (the ones the “Experts decided to lock up); due to lack of use most are heavily water damaged and you are going to struggle to get access to the seat of any fire which may start. I have seen this pattern up and down NSW. Ask any 4×4 club how many trails are still open.

“I assert that a sustainably logged forestry area is much less dangerous than a locked up over grown national park.

“I put it to you that any increase in Bush Fire frequency or severity has more to do with NSW change in Forest Usage than how much carbon dioxide china produces.”

“Give the Scruby areas back to Forestry. Trees harvested from a scrub find it hard to Burn!”

XYZ Quote of the Day.