Civil War is Total War


Originally published June 25, 2018.

Europe is a good news story these days. The people are either electing governments which defend their borders, their culture and their people, or they are going about doing it themselves. Europe is sorting itself out, and my concerns from a couple of years ago could well be relieved.

Here in Australia we appear to be sliding inexorably into an indebted, tawny future with an economy based solely on importing people to prop up an ever expanding housing bubble that will never burst.. or maybe it will..

As for America, the globalists are intent on fundamental transformation, and they are doubly intent on maintaining institutional power. If they need a civil war to wrest control back from middle America and keep Donald Trump from draining the swamp, then that is what they will do.

Black Pigeon Speaks is one of my favourite activists on YouTube, and for this reason it is very constructive whenever I disagree with him, because I always learn. This video from several months ago on America’s so-called history of failure in fighting asymmetrical wars in the 20th and 21st centuries is a great case in point.

It deals with a core question – if a Western socialist totalitarian state turned its armed forces against own people, ie, if the globalists did succeed in starting a Second American Civil War, who would win? BPS makes the case that although a modern Western army would make strong early inroads against a patriotic insurgency, in the long run it would be ground down if the patriots adopted guerilla warfare tactics.

This analysis is sound to a point, but BPS ignores the fact that the real reason America failed to press home early victories to win the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan was political, not military.

America could have won Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq in a heartbeat if it had fought them the way it fought World War Two. In World War Two, it literally flattened German and Japanese cities. Germany lost 18 million people in World War Two, the equivalent of three Holocausts. Then the US nuked two of the last remaining Japanese cities, and rebuilt Germany and Japan from the ground up.

In Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, America fought with one arm tied behind its back. It won the fighting, but in each case the political left and the media sabotaged the victory. The template was set after the Vietnam War; the North Vietnamese had been forced to negotiate a peace treaty after Nixon bombed Hanoi, and a division was agreed to between the north and south which more or less reflected the borders which had existed before the war. Vietnam would today look like the Korean peninsula, except that the Democrat controlled Armed Services Committee cut off all aid for South Vietnam. Once this happened, the North re-invaded and the South capitulated.

This is important because our education system and media tells us today that Vietnam was a war we were never going to win. But if we had been prepared to flatten North Vietnamese cities and not given a stuff about hearts and minds, Vietnam would today be a high IQ economic powerhouse like South Korea.

Similarly in Iraq, the country had essentially been pacified after the much maligned surge actually worked. But when Barack Obama removed US troops without making a contingency for keeping a residual US force in the country, a power vacuum was created which got filled very quickly by ISIS.

So in Vietnam, the US finally won when it adopted WW2 tactics – bomb their cities – but it was undermined by the socialist-controlled institutions. If the US had fought the War on Terror the same way – bombed or even nuked Middle Eastern cities – there would be no War on Terror, and no European Migrant Crisis, today.

From imgur.

The key political reason America did not fight the Vietnam War or the War on Terror like it did in World War Two is because it wasn’t fighting nazis. You can do anything you want to a nazi. (WW2 was also fought essentially in aid of the communist Soviet Union, but that one can wait for another article.)

In an American civil war, the left would be convinced that the ordinary patriotic people they were fighting against were nazis, thus it would be as savage as any war that has ever been fought. There would be no media sabotage, no war fatigue. The media would celebrate the carpet bombing of “racists” and it would be an army of “new Americans”, not purple haired land whales, that did it.

It is the third stage of genocide to dehumanise one’s enemy, and the left’s use of the label “nazi” against all who oppose their globalist agenda is used to dehumanise us. A civil war against the left would be a fight to extinction, either for white European people, or for the people who were convinced that they must exterminate white European people to avoid another holocaust.

If civil war were to break out in America or even Australia, don’t expect it to look like Vietnam. Expect it to look like Dresden. Thus, we would have to be prepared to fight accordingly.

This is why the Culture War is so important. It is why we fight so hard against socialist economic policy, SJW identity politics, globalism and mass migration. We fight against a Marxist agenda that deliberately divides a nation against itself, that brings nothing but war and death, in the vain hope of creating a socialist utopia.

We are in a war. We can either fight it with all our might with words now, or we will eventually have to fight for our survival.