XYZ Live #74 – Tim The Soupman Gaslights on Free Speech and Antifa Run RAMPANT


The former head of the Australian KGB, Tim Shitpossum, has written a column claiming that there is no crisis of free speech. We demonstrate conclusively that Tim Soupbum is a dirty rotten liar.

Tim Shitpossum, pictured, leading a white supremacist rally in 1933.

We also discussed the Portland Riot where several conservatives were bashed by Antifa terrorists, including Andy Ngo, editor of Quillette magazine. We pointed out that this was clearly a premeditated attack for his site’s exposure of the web of collusion between Antifa and the MSM, and a warnig to others who oppose the left, on the same weekend that James Fields was wrongfully imprisoned, that anybody who opposes them is their target.

We will likely start at 9:00 pm AEST again next week. Find us at Matty Rose Live.